February 2017 Lunch & Learn

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President, Karla Hooten urged Executive Members to complete and submit the recent Salary & Benefits survey.   They will email again on 2/17/17, Friday and also Monday.

Cheryl Henning, MSAE Director, Industry Partner for Bancorp South Arena & Conference Center, and 2017’s coordinator for doorprizes, requested Industry Partners donate and bring to the April Member to Member Reception - enticing packages for Executive Member give-a-ways during future events.

Speaker of the House, Phillip Gunn entertained and informed the crowd during February 2017 Lunch and Learn.  Sponsored by VisitHattiesburg.  The Hilton served baby asparagus, butter beans, mac & cheese, chicken, rolls, and dessert.

MS Speaker of the House, Phillip Gunn’s talking points for February 2017 Lunch & Learn dealt with education, roads, bridges & infrastructure.

Gunn supports a reconsideration of the existing MAEP school funding formula with a student focused goal – more funds to the student and classroom without increasing funds in the district office.

Funds collected with HB 480 would fund and support the building and maintenance of roads, bridges and infrastructure.  An existing tax law would apply to Internet sales.

HB 480  “Description: Use tax; revise definition of certain terms for purposes of, distribute revenue collected from certain out-of-state sellers” – considered also, an Internet Tax – would require Internet sales to impose the existing  MS sales tax.  The current burden falls on the buyer to file an annual Use tax for out of state purchases.  The burden would change to the seller – collecting and filing to the State of MS.

Phillip Gunn took many questions from an involved crowd, and the Luncheon was concluded with a VisitHattiesburg doorprize.

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